North Africa For Industry and Mining (NAMI) is discussing the progress of the research and exploration plan in the concession areas


The senior management of (NAMI) Company met in Cairo, in the presence of Eng. Osama Kamal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the North African Company for Industry and Mining, Major General Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Vice Chairman for Board of Directors, and Eng. Haitham Al-Abbadi, Managing Director and CEO of the company, along with the technical and advisory consultants of the company, to determine the completion of the search and exploration plan for the past period.
The periodic monthly meeting also discussed ways to develop exploration and research tasks in the concession area in Jabal Sibai, East of the of Al-Qusayr city in the Red Sea. Vision and desired goals as a national Egyptian company seeking the best investment of local resources to achieve the highest added value in the field of gold production and associated mines in Egypt.