North African Industrial and Mining Company participated in attending the meeting that took place with Red Sea investors, with Sir. Advisor to the President of the Republic


Mr. Haitham Al-Abadi, Managing Director of the company, and Ibrahim Al-Ajmi, Director of Administrative Affairs of the company, participated in the meeting from the North African Company.

During the meeting, Mr. Haitham Al-Abadi presented a set of problems facing the mining industry in the governorate, in addition to some proposals for developing the mining sector, which were summarized in:

Firstly, it is proposed to establish a technical school to train, qualify and educate youth, specializing in the field of mining, to accommodate the market’s needs in the near future. Al-Abadi expressed the company’s willingness to coordinate in this project, and the Advisor to the President of the Republic directed him, calling on the Upper Egypt Development Authority, which was attended by Mr. Major General President The Upper Egypt Development Authority discussed the proposal and ways to implement it. Al-Abadi also presented a set of administrative bureaucratic obstacles in completing approvals for mining companies and investment companies in the mining sector and other sectors, especially obtaining environmental approvals. Al-Abadi proposed activating the one-stop-shop system to avoid such obstacles, and he directed Mr. Advisor to the President of the Republic, Mr. Chairman of the Golden Triangle Authority, quickly activate the Authority’s role in overcoming these obstacles. Al-Abadi also added by recommending solving the problem of random mining by reintegrating them into companies in a safe and legal manner.

Ibrahim Al-Ajmi, Director of Administrative Affairs at the North African Company, made recommendations to adopt e-mail and fax in communication between agencies to address slow correspondence and obtain approvals. He also called for expanding the period for renewing sign permits, which are currently scheduled to be renewed every three months, to be an annual or semi-annual renewal.