Regional Sampling and mineralization


Orogenic gold mineralization in the ANS formed late in the cratonization process, Due to the repeated magmatic activities, reactivated tectonic trends especially WNW- ESE and NNE–SSW and their associated fluids, many alteration halos are observed, the common presence of silica veins, clay minerals, hematite, calcite, and silicification, kaolinization, hematitization, carbonatization processes respectively along the shear zone.


Geochemical exploration activities during July-September 2023 focused on completion of regional reconnaissance mapping and sampling at the concession along with the subsequent integration of new mapping and sampling with historic structural data were taken across the main structure of the NW-SE trend.

NAMI is using ALS international lab for sample preparation and analysis which ALS has provided comprehensive testing solutions to clients in a wide range of industries all over the world. Samples were analyzed for gold by fire assay with an atomic absorption spectroscopy.


From the sample results we can easily notice the corridors of mineralization to be followed up with more systematic samples and essentially 4 main targets have been identified and currently an extensive program of sampling and detail mapping is progressing as below map.