About - Team

ENG. Osama Kamal




More than 40  years of experience in the management and administration of resources in the oil and gas industry, in establishing and managing multi-million dollar engineering and construction projects with development and implementation of project & business development process, bidding philosophies, execution strategies, procedural definitions, systems specifications, organization structures, and implementation of 20 mega projects (200 – 2000 US$ MM each), in addition to more than 25 medium and small jobs (less than $ 100 MM each), covering the following aspects:

  • Business & project development with world leaders and shareholders like

Methanex, Agrium, CPC, B.G, AGIP, UOP, Snam, Uhde, Fluor, Nexant, Jacob,  Bechtel, KBR, L.G, Techint,                    Technimont, etc…

  • Contract & Agreements negotiation and management.
  • Financing & fundraising.
  • Acquisition & merge.
  • Management and administration of operations and resources, for corporate and projects in oil, gas, and petrochemical business either offshore or onshore.
  • Supervision and management of multi-cultural and multi-discipline teams.
  • Project management system development and implementation expertise.

Automation and MIS solutions Member of the Management Engineering Society *

 Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo *

  Member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cairo *

Member of the Export Council for Chemical Industries and Fertilizers *

Positions & Memberships:

  1. Chairman of the Board, North Africa for Mining & Industry Co. (NAMI).
  2. Chairman of the Board, Smart Engineering Solutions Co. (SES)
  3. Chairman of the Board, Alshorouk for Melamine & Resins Co.
  4. Board Director, Arab Petroleum Pipeline Co. “SUMED”
  5. Board Director, Egypt Kuwait Holding Co.
  6. Board Director, Carbon Holdings Limited Co.
  7. Vice Chairman & Board Director, Oriental Petrochemical Co. “OPC”
  8. Vice Chairman & Board Director, Egyptian Carbon Corporation. “EHC”
  9. Head of Board of Trustees, the Petroleum and Minerals Resources Council
  10. Member, Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.
  11. Chairman of the Board, Egyptian Society of Chemical Engineers.
  12. Chairman of the Board, Egyptian Engineering Association.
  13. Board Member, Association for Pioneers of Engineering & Technology (APET).
  14. Member, Egyptian Management Engineering Society.
  15. Member, American Chamber of Commerce “Am Cham”.
  16. Member, Canadian Chamber of Commerce “Can Cham”.